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Major publications. TEDx. Celebrity Marketing. Social Media Secrets. Important contacts. It's all in this course.

See what these celebrities had to say about Jarom's work.

Sean Astin.jpg

"Massively Important advice."

Sean Astin, Actor

Tomi Lahren.jpg

"I love it! ...especially with everyone being in this weird situation right now."

Tomi Lahren, FOX news

Gary Busey.jpg

"That was great. ...You are a leader."

Gary Busey, Actor

Become a Public Figure.

Join the Stronghold Elite.

Fame is not as hard as you think.

If you're looking to seriously up your influence come join the Jarom Smith Stronghold! The Stronghold is a series of courses meant to help you become that person of gravity; a powerfully influential person that people cannot ignore. The newest addition to these online courses is the Stronghold Elite, where you'll be taught the secrets Jarom used to become a public figure himself. These courses include: how to access celebrity marketing in an easy and affordable way, how to get into major magazines like Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur, how to get onto the TED X stage, and how to completely blow up your social media and get that blue verification badge. You will also be given the exclusive contacts that get you there. Not only that, you'll be admitted to a unique, impressive network of individuals working toward the same high level goals that you are. 

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