Alabaster Team

Though we have some pretty great people working on our team, (directors, writers, colorists, sound and VFX guys...ect.), these are the leaders at Alabaster Studios.

Jarom Smith

Producer and Broker


Jarom grew up in the wonderland of Southern California where he gained most of his knowledge of the entertainment world as well as a need for an unnecessary amount of friends. After working for two different production companies in two different states, he decided to put his abilities of entertainment, networking, and that cheshire smile of his to good use. This firecracker of a human being has tied Alabaster in with some good friends in the business including companies he worked for previously.

Jarom's hope is to enroll others in his cause to unite the entertainment industry rather than see it divided because of jealousy and competition. "There's plenty of work for everyone."

Cammon Randle


Cammon has extensive experience in film. He has been highly successful in his career. Luckily, he doesn't know how much we need him. 

Cammon regularly works closely with TV networks such as the Disney, ABC, the US Navy, FOX, the LDS Church, and so many more we don't care to name them all. He doesn't go many places without his RED Scarlet camera and he certainly knows how to use it. We're sure you'll love him as much as we do.

Angela Bastifell

Makeup and Department Coordinator


What? Estrogen?! Yes, apparently we have to allow women in our staff now. This little beauty queen is Angela Smith; a professional makeup artist with a big ol' business degree. Angela will help you get what you need from us. She's kind, she's warm, and she's unreasonably friendly.

Angela has mastered the art of the face. She has all her licenses, certifications, and plenty of experience to back it up. She ran her own store at the prestigeous MAC, (woman, you know what it is), and has displayed her talents for FOX news and for the film studios all over Southern California. Standing at a whoppin' 5'2, Angela can hold her own on any film set.




Nathan Hoffman

Sound Engineer and Mixer


Nate Hoffman is a miracle on this earth when it comes to sound. He has decades of experience and has continually impressed us with his innovation. No production company is complete without someone to a good sound man, and we certainly lucked out. Not only does he have a vast library of sound, but he is trained to create his own if need be. 


We have seen him do things we didn't know could be done, as well as go above and beyond the call of duty when working on a project to make sure our clients are pleased. The result? Quality, quality, quality.




Matt Hoffman

Computer Graphics Animator


Matt was formerly with Pixar. He animated for several of their films including Toy Story. So believe us when we say that he is a professional. We have an entire team of animators for our needs. If you have the budget, we've got the guys. You can see some of their work on our reel page. Be sure to check it out!


Matt can do whatever it is you need. Whether is be as something as simple as a clean sleek presentation, or a fire-breathing dragon. It's not out of his reach or the reach of our team.


Aaron Retford 

Financial Advisor


Don't let that backwards hat fool you, he's the brains of the group. When the money comes in, Aaron does everything short of reading it a bedtime story. We don't take one step in this business without him keeping a close eye on our expenses as well as the funding from our investors! 


Aaron is well versed in business law and regulations. He is also an entertainer which makes him the ideal candidate for the job. He keeps us running! Whenever something is to be done, he's right there with the paperwork and that pretty boy smile of his. We're so happy to have him with us.



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