Alabaster Studios is a group of film producers who meant to make introductions. Any fees involved with us are typical with a "finder's fee" process and will be processed in the same way. Alabaster's fees are for serving as an introduction and providing information on the structure of a deal as provided by any financier. Due diligence and terms of negotiations ultimately lies with the parties involved and Alabaster Studios disclaims any knowledge and responsibility for any terms ultimately entered into by the parties. All and everyone that enters this site, accepts and agrees that Alabaster Studios and or its associates and or affiliates do not take any responsibility or guarantee and or warrants for any action due to investors and or brokers or any information posted on this site. We also reserve the right to decline anyone and or any project that we feel that may not be acceptable to our standard of business for any reason. We also reserve the right to acquire a third party if needed to assist with financing of any project brought to us. We are selective in accepting projects, so please do make sure your project does meet our requirements before contacting us. Any and all individuals engaging in business with Alabaster will be required to have certain agreements in place, before moving forward in any transaction. Terms and or requirements are subject to change without any notice. Alabaster Studios and those affliliated with them are considered a third party from both the investor and the production teams in order to make introductions. They are not affliliated with, legally responsible for either parties decisions during the production. Any other involvement with the production or company is considered separate and independent of the company.

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