1) All filmmakers must have a history of recent strong financial success associated with their company.


2) We'll need big names attached; A and B list actors, well known directors, ect.


3) A distribution deal must already be underway.


4) The script must be complete and submitted along with any other information the investors ask for.


5) (AT THIS TIME) we are only funding projects with a budget of $10,000,000 or higher, OR have at least $500,000 already accumulated. We do not provide the initial investment for these lower budget projects, we increase the funding you already have.


Filmmakers: We are thankful for all your submissions for funding. We ask that you don't contact Alabaster Studios unless your film meets these qualifications. We will reply in time. Email our office with as much information as possible about your project. If we don't have enough information to sell your project to our investors, we will not submit it.



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