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A People of Power

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away with people a lot like us, except for two big differences: The women of this world held great power and energy inside of them, and then men of this world were the only ones able to use it! For centuries the people understood this. The woman would create great power within herself, and the man, just with a simple touch, could harness that great energy to create and move large structures, control the whether, and even defend their people with great destruction if need be. The catch to these gifts was that men could not create the power as the women could, and the women could not access and harness the power as the men could.

The people of this kingdom were greatly feared and admired by all for their god-like capabilities. There was one kingdom, however, who would see their destruction. This evil king toiled for years to figure out how to overthrow the kingdom, but their power kept them safe. The defenses they built were colossal, and even if he somehow were to breach them, his people would be no match for the men and women within the walls.

So, he came up with a plan. He sent his spies into the kingdom and for years they spread falsehoods. They integrated themselves into the society and began to change it. Men began to believe their power was most important, while females felt the same about theirs. To further prove their point, men even insisted they didn't need the energy of the females to perform the great miracles they performed. The women of the kingdom believed the same about their power, and withheld their energy from the men in spite, so that they would remain weak. Some women claimed they held the gift of execution and creation as the men did, while men claimed they had energy within themselves as the women did. This became a common and accepted belief, though it didn't change the truth, and it didn't make them any stronger.

As generations came and went, more and more people believed the flattery taught by the evil lord's minions. The people of the kingdom lost more and more power as they believed and promoted the lies. Though, there were still a few who knew the truth, it wasn't enough to keep the kingdom safe, so they left the kingdom, and took their power with them. Though they didn't go far! They quickly built up another kingdom next door with their great abilities!

The old kingdom was left defenseless, and they didn't even realize it. Many didn't comprehend the power that had once been with them, and was now gone because of their pride. The evil king knew this was his time to strike, so he marched his armies forth and attacked both kingdoms! The new Kingdom, was kept safe for the most part, while the other was completely overcome! The people of the old kingdom fled to the People of Power and begged for shelter and safety. The people of the new kingdom offered them sanctuary, as the evil king gloried in his victory.

While there, the people of the old kingdom asked how those of the new kingdom had retained such gifts. They were taught that it was very simple. People will lie to us to control us, but the proof is in the results. It didn't matter what people were saying, or what was popular to believe, truth is truth, and as they followed truth, it kept them safe, and gave them power. The results of the battle were inarguable. No matter how much or how hard they believed the lie, it didn't make the lie true. Certain things just are they way that they are, and belief will never change truth.

They quickly became a powerful people again, and years later, took back their kingdom.


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