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Living on the Third Level

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ben who was on his way to a family reunion. He was excited to see his cousins, aunts, uncles, and have some time to relax up in the mountains. They finally arrived to the cabin they had stayed at years previously, and the children did their ritual claiming of rooms and beds. Ben did the same.

Seeing that many of the lower level rooms were being taken, Ben made his way up to the second floor, which he liked better anyway. Most of the family liked the first floor, because of the ease of access, which made the second floor that much more special to Ben. The view on the second floor was beautiful and the rooms were bigger. As Ben reminded his family about the second level, more and more people joined him. Ben wanted to see what else he could find.

During his search, hidden away behind a big wooden door, Ben found another set of stairs! It was a spiral staircase, that he had seen before, and even gone up before, but he had forgotten all about them. As he made his way up the staircase he discovered another floor to the cabin! It had large windows with a Magnificent view, a bunch of couches, a big TV, ping pong tables, pool tables, and some more bedrooms! Ben was excited and quickly claimed one!

While exploring the third level further, he realized that no one else would be coming up, except for his uncle who had been there since Ben arrived. He said to his uncle, "The third floor is so awesome! I can see everything from up here! I'm going to go tell everyone!"

"Oh, most of them know it's here, they just don't care to come find it. They also just think it's easier to be on one of the lower levels." His uncle replied. "That's a lot of stairs to climb up and down every day, especially with baggage."

"Oh," said Ben, gazing at his somewhat elderly uncle. "Why did you come up here?"

Ben's uncle laughed, "Well it's like you said, this is by far the best level. To me, it's worth the daily climb.

Ben stopped to think for a moment on his uncles words and then asked, "So... is there a fourth level?"

His Uncle shrugged his shoulders and answered, "Probably."

"Well, how do we get up there?" asked the boy.

His uncle smiled at him and said, "You just have to find the stairs."

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